Where it all began PART 1. – From the VERY beginning!

31 Aug 2009

More so than any other question I receive from my customers is: How did this all begin?  How did you start your business? And what inspires you? Well all those questions have lots of different answers but I will try to outline it for you – right from the beginning! I grew up in a very beautiful part of Tasmania on a large property where we had every child’s dream surroundings…A river ran through the property, we had acres and acres of forest to roam in or ride our motorbikes, we had horses and goats and sheep and cats and dogs and wild animals which we tried to tame. My mother was very artistic and I remember her always creating something – she made humungous Macramé textile hangings which were truly amazing, hand made pottery, drawing, painting, all sorts of needlework and knitting and a general flair for creative interior design, gardening and cooking. Not to mention she also designed the very house we lived in – which at the time back in the 70’s would have been a very forward thinking design! Without a doubt it has been my mother’s flair with the domestic arts which have fed into my love of textiles, art and home design. My mum is still an artist and exhibits her paintings now regularly back in Tasmania where she still lives in her latest amazing designer home (which she designed herself!) Thanks Mum!

me & Mum

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Kelsey Ashe

Preparing for Fashion Week

31 Aug 2009

So much preparation goes into Perth Fashion Festival – if you’re not organised it can be disasterous! Knowing just what to put on these leggy models is the biggest consideration – of all the hundreds of dresses I have – which ones do I want to show the world? Of course I ended up doing all new pieces, new prints, new everything. The perfect piece of music is also crucial. I chose “Diferente” by The Gotan Project which is a bit so Frenchy so chic and a bit punchy and a tad exhilarating too – one of those tunes which sends a chill down your spine. I wanted a rich yet muted colour palate and a vintage feel. The prints of course are always the focus of my designs so I presented lots of gowns which can really show off lots of metres of fabric and the baroque style prints I designed for the season. Fittings at the GPO building for WA Collections and Gallery Runway went smoothly – my models are all blonde and gorgeous. Now….let the show begin…Dressing_models_for_PFF_1

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Kelsey Ashe

Spring Clean!

26 Aug 2009

Hello Everyone! Spring is Finally here!!! Just when you thought that winter would drag on forever…the sun comes out and everyone has Spring Fever…what a wonderful ailment…positivity and light flood in and all of a sudden everything is in bloom. Delightful! Arriving this week in store we have lots of new spring styles from the Ashe Spring/Summer range – so push your winter pieces to the back of the wardrobe and re-vitalise yourself with a fresh start. Use some Feng Shui to fling out your past life wardrobe and lingering stale ‘qi’ of ancient dreams. Think: Re-invention and embrace the ornate simplicity of this season!

Happy Spring to you all! Spring Arrives at Ashe

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Kelsey Ashe

2009 Perth Fashion Festival and WASO

25 Aug 2009

This is my first blog ever which according to my web guys makes me a ‘newbie’. With so many people asking for more about what I do and where I find my inspiration, I felt it was time to get myself online and let you be part of the wonderful world of Ashe.

Right now is festival time and I have been lucky enough to be featured in three shows over the week!

The first is the ‘WA Designer Collection’, which features the ‘very best of WA Designer Fashion’. You can catch this show from 6.30pm on Saturday 5th September at the Fashion Paramount Gasworks Building in Perth. You can buy tickets from this at Tiketek.

The second is The ‘Gallery Exhibition’, which is a free event in Fremantle on Sunday 6th September featuring the alluring sounds of WASO.

The third is ‘The Gallery Runway’ and will feature all of the crew from the Fremantle Fashion Collective. You can catch this show from 6.30pm on Monday 7th September at the Fashion Paramount Gasworks Building in Perth. You can buy tickets from this at Tiketek.ASHE Perth Fashion Festival Collections image #1

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Kelsey Ashe

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Getting Excited about my 1st😀 ever Solo Art Exhibition at the Historic Round House in @CityofFremantle November 15t…


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