Frida Kahlo (1907 -1954) Mexican

29 Sep 2009

Oh Frida! Oh Frida! How we love you! Everything about Frida and her life and art is fascinating and provocative. Her intensely painted self-portraits; full of symbols and saturated colour have been a favourite of mine for a long long time. I first discovered Frida on the cover of a note book when I was just a teenager and so began my fascination with her work. After a near-death accident at the age of 18, Frida endured 30 painful operations over her short life and lived with more physical pain on a daily basis that any of us can even imagine. Painting provided Frida with a way to express herself – but her painting depicts more than physical pain – they reveal the torment of her love affair and marriage to the great Diego Riviera and also the joy she found in the things around her in moments of peace. Despite her pain, Frida lived the most colourful life and was a champion for many causes. Now people pay millions for her small paintings – and I can understand why….
“Viva La Vida” her famous words – long live life.Frida

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Kelsey Ashe

Homewares Arrive!

26 Sep 2009

Ooooooh how exciting….Ashe Homewares have arrived in store! It has been a dream of mine for a long time to produce homewares and to source beautiful objects while travelling to bring back to my beautiful store in Fremantle. This year I have been to Central Java to the Truwindu markets – a melting pot of objects from all over asia. We have bought back with us some beautiful pieces – Indo/Chinese ceramics, Moroccan style lanterns, hand painted vases and plates, brass ornaments and much else! We have also installed a range of French Re-production antiques – amazing leather covered benches, Louis XVI Arm chairs and Ornate Mirrors. I’m working on a Homewares page for my website – so keep your eye out for it soon!


Until next time…..Homewares installation

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Kelsey Ashe

Vintage Posters

25 Sep 2009

Another addiction of mine and inspiration this season were Vintage posters. They really appeal to my need to over-stylise an image and use up every possible part of the frame with pattern and colour to depict a story. French cosmetics and perfumes have a great history of exotic and beautiful poster design and I particularly love this one with its French Art Deco styling. The use of colour is high contrast and designed to grab your attention of course! Bright, graphic and designed to make you fall in love with whatever is being sold – I Love it Love it Love it…..poiret0001

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Kelsey Ashe

Baroque print design

21 Sep 2009

Baroque art and architecture is truly extravagant and over the top. It arose in Europe in the 17th Century and its mood is of barely suppressed passion and I love it for its totally exuberant spirit. The subject matter is also sympathetic to a lot of my Ashe motifs – lush florals and foliates, birds and butterflies and carved frieze’s. I drew about 10 new print designs for this season and one of my favourites is this “Baroque Butterfly” design which is a two colour way print. I used it on two of my dresses for Perth Fashion Festival this year. It is shown here in a pink/purple colour way as it is laid out on my print table to dry.Printing 101

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Kelsey Ashe

Casablanca – The Movie

18 Sep 2009

I’ve always loved that word – “Casablanca.” It conjures up so many exotic ideas in my mind. The Moroccan city was immortalised forever in the 1942 classic Movie “Casablanca” and it’s still thought of one of the greatest enduring films of all time. The romance and drama are palpable, the setting impeccable – war torn Paris and Casablanca and that line of course “Here’s looking at you kid”. This movie helped me with some styling decisions for my photo shoot – vintage styling – with an Ashe twist of course!Femme Fatale1

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Kelsey Ashe

French Detailing

15 Sep 2009

Everyone knows the French create fashion, Art and theatre of the grandest scale. The elaborate detailing of French Couture is so delicious; especially throughout its historical periods such as the baroque movement which flourished in the 17th Century. Of course we cannot imagine dressing like that today – it’s just not practical I’m afraid! But I certainly took a few clues from that era for this seasons Ashe range. Ruffled necklines, sculptural bustles, pleats and plunging necklines were all on my agenda!french

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Kelsey Ashe

Marie Antoinette

10 Sep 2009

This seasons range was like most of my ranges – developed over a period of months and drawing on all kinds of media for inspiration. Sometimes the print design comes first, other times the garment design comes first. My well used visual diary usually gives me the clues I need to make a start – as I collect everything in here!  Photos, scribbles, drawings, ideas and clippings. I was strongly drawn to Baroque style design and a vintage theme for garment design. I re-watched Marie Antoinette directed by Sofia Coppola and LOVED IT so much I went on a mad journey reading everything I could about her and the Baroque period. The set Design is actually in Versailles where Marie spent her languorous life after marrying Louis XVI in 1770. m2

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Kelsey Ashe

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!

08 Sep 2009

Thankyou to everyone involved with making Perth Fashion Festival such a success and so much fun!

To everyone at The Perth Fashion Festival Office who put together the stunning Gasworks environment and made everything logistically possible to the Hair & Makeup people, the Models, the sponsors, the media, the co-designers, all the customers who have given their support, my staff who are absolutely amazing at what they do and of course my friends and family. Hoorah! And a big sigh of relief that life can go back to (normal?) for a while….

My backstage girls Zoe and Anastasia dressing models at WA Designer Collections – Thanks Gals!zoe anas

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Kelsey Ashe

The Gallery Runway Event – Congratulations Fremantle!

07 Sep 2009

Wow, what a buzz there was at this event! Despite the pouring rain on a Monday night, the event was packed to the rafters and the crowd seemed to be in such a good mood. Spontaneous outbursts of clapping and cheering and a general rumbling of good cheer were bouncing throughout the whole room. Gallery Runway presented the best of Fremantle Designers and without a doubt it was a more colourful and over-the-top event than others I have seen. My favourites were Cocoon Textiles, Velvet Sushi and of course Ashe. Morrison followed The Gallery Runway event but by that point I was backstage and missed it – apparently it was sleek, monotone and very well received so congratulations Fremantle!vs

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Kelsey Ashe

Where it all began PART 7. – An ever evolving story….

06 Sep 2009

Since 2005 ASHE has now been sold nationally and internationally – I was able to sell my range through an agent to boutiques in Ireland, UK, Kuwait and Germany. I have taken ASHE to Mercedes Fashion Week in Melbourne after being a finalist in the Perth Mercedes Fashion Start-Up competition. I have been on selling trips around Australia, I have exhibited and participated in many Fremantle and Perth Fashion weeks and also have been part of StyleAid in 2007. I set up a diffusion label in 2006 called SELKEY which I sold through HUSTLE (also on High street) of which I was a partner for 18 months up until the beginning of 2008 – when I opened my first boutique – ASHE. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the High Street Collective of Designers and it really still feels like just the beginning….there is so much more to come! Of course now Fremantle has become home – I’ve been here now for 12 years and still love the city as much as the first day I arrived….

This is ASHE at Mercedes Australia Fashion Week in Melbourne 2006. Delphi II

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Kelsey Ashe

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