Perth Fashion Festival – Atmosphere Launch

12 Sep 2010

Perth Fashion Festival kicked off with some fantastic exhibitions in Fremantle – ‘Beyond Garment’ at the Maritime Museum and ‘Atmosphere’ at Victoria Hall.


This shot is of the ASHE model getting ready to hit the stage behind the scenes at Atmosphere…The dress style is ‘Chateau Gown’ with Double Peony and Fortune Leaves print…See it in store!atmosphere_backstage

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Kelsey Ashe

Perth Fashion Festival ‘Atmosphere’ ON NOW

11 Sep 2010

What a great show – a really airy space with beautiful installations from Fremantle’s finest designers…Love in Tokyo, Megan Salmon, Leah Tarlo, Loop, Totomoto, Kartique, Cocoon, Batchelor, Chinky Wooster, She Seldom Blushes and Ashe of course!

The show is on all week and it’s free – so don’t miss out! Pictured here: Totomoto Candleabra, Megan Salmon, Love in Tokyo and Ashe installation…atmosphere_on_now

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Kelsey Ashe

Akira Isogawa Australian Fashion Designer

09 Sep 2010

Akira Isogawa was born in Kyoto Japan, but we claim him to be our own since his move to Australia in 1986 where he studied fashion design at the Sydney Institute of Technology. Without a doubt, Akira has had, and will continue to have an enormous impact upon the fashion and arts industries not only in Australia, but throughout the globe.

Akira is pure genious – I love to see what he creates each season… Akira3

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Kelsey Ashe

Akira Isogawa Quotes…

06 Sep 2010

“Richly embellished fabrics echo Eastern influences, and I have great respect for their traditions. Inspiration can be found from the past – re-using vintage textiles and sometimes creating replicas of them, incorporated with specific craftsmanship.

Akira2The number of hours someone has spent on manual work like this makes it priceless.

I see craftsmanship as an implement with which to realise one’s vision. Past, present and future; that slogan continues in almost everything around which my work evolves. Timeless beauty and femininity in my design is profound, in a way for the wearer to express their inner soul.”

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Kelsey Ashe

Akira Akira Akira we love thee…

01 Sep 2010

Akira Isagowa Quote:


“A garment can transcend, giving it a soul.

I translate fabrics into soft and romantic silhouettes, using natural fabrics like silks and cottons, which are kind to the skin.

Distressing fabrics and alchemically treating them, gives the feeling of already ‘being loved’, thus evoking emotion. Even one-off fabrics found in flea markets can be given new life.”Akira1 (1)

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Kelsey Ashe

From Twitter

Getting Excited about my 1st😀 ever Solo Art Exhibition at the Historic Round House in @CityofFremantle November 15t…


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