Ornate Mirrors Oh So Beautiful

09 Oct 2009

Reflecting natural light and candle light with a beautiful ornate mirror – very sumptuous. This image is from Nottinghill Furniture – A NSW company whom import French style decorator pieces. Ashe are now selling the most stunning mirrors – baroque carved in black and white. We have 85x85cm as well as 50x50cm – we are working on a photoshoot sometime in the very near future to make sure all you out there can see just what we have in stock….so stay in tune… ornate mirror

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Kelsey Ashe

Morrocan Design

08 Oct 2009

moroc interiorI have a massive fascination with Moroccan design. There are so many things I love about it…The complex patterns of Islamic tile design…the traditional crafts of carved plaster and mosaics….Morocco provides an exotic Kingdom of oriental inspiration. Such a mysterious land conjures up all kinds of ideas for the artist and designer. Combining traditional motifs with modern stylistic elements you can create a layered look that is contemporary yet still containing the magical motifs of this beautiful desert land.  Short of moving to Morocco…you can create a little paradise of pattern at home…Enjoy!

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Kelsey Ashe

Homewares Arrive!

26 Sep 2009

Ooooooh how exciting….Ashe Homewares have arrived in store! It has been a dream of mine for a long time to produce homewares and to source beautiful objects while travelling to bring back to my beautiful store in Fremantle. This year I have been to Central Java to the Truwindu markets – a melting pot of objects from all over asia. We have bought back with us some beautiful pieces – Indo/Chinese ceramics, Moroccan style lanterns, hand painted vases and plates, brass ornaments and much else! We have also installed a range of French Re-production antiques – amazing leather covered benches, Louis XVI Arm chairs and Ornate Mirrors. I’m working on a Homewares page for my website – so keep your eye out for it soon!


Until next time…..Homewares installation

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Kelsey Ashe

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Getting Excited about my 1st😀 ever Solo Art Exhibition at the Historic Round House in @CityofFremantle November 15t…


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