Ashe Wall paper inspiration

10 Jun 2014

If you love the dramatic….the decadent….the statement piece in your home…check out Ashe wall papers! This one has really inspired me today…Unfortunately I don’t know who it’s made by though! A bit of nameless inspiration today….Love the dress hanging beside the ladder!4a6bcb966459cf1d3b82fd610dcc1bda

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Kelsey Ashe

Ashe Art inspiration….

28 May 2014

I’m drawn again and again to traditional Japanese design…the strength and simplicity of line,

the asymmetrical forms, the celebration of nature’s small details…Inspiration for ASHE prints….b2c6e761e49f2fbde1b6c63d8174bb03

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Kelsey Ashe

Czech Folk Embroidery

15 Feb 2010

I’m impressed by the obsessive ornamentation of this embroidered Czech apron. The minute distinctions of the highly wrought ornament enables cultures to express where they came from or where their ancestors come from. Pieces such as this;- although typical of everyday wear of folk people in the twentieth century, is more likely now to be placed in a museum so that it can be best admired for the amount of effort and work put into it. In fact this piece is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection. The embroidery and densely packed pattern must have taken a remarkable amount of time…You can click on the image to enlarge…. czech

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Kelsey Ashe

Frida Kahlo (1907 -1954) Mexican

29 Sep 2009

Oh Frida! Oh Frida! How we love you! Everything about Frida and her life and art is fascinating and provocative. Her intensely painted self-portraits; full of symbols and saturated colour have been a favourite of mine for a long long time. I first discovered Frida on the cover of a note book when I was just a teenager and so began my fascination with her work. After a near-death accident at the age of 18, Frida endured 30 painful operations over her short life and lived with more physical pain on a daily basis that any of us can even imagine. Painting provided Frida with a way to express herself – but her painting depicts more than physical pain – they reveal the torment of her love affair and marriage to the great Diego Riviera and also the joy she found in the things around her in moments of peace. Despite her pain, Frida lived the most colourful life and was a champion for many causes. Now people pay millions for her small paintings – and I can understand why….
“Viva La Vida” her famous words – long live life.Frida

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Kelsey Ashe

Casablanca – The Movie

18 Sep 2009

I’ve always loved that word – “Casablanca.” It conjures up so many exotic ideas in my mind. The Moroccan city was immortalised forever in the 1942 classic Movie “Casablanca” and it’s still thought of one of the greatest enduring films of all time. The romance and drama are palpable, the setting impeccable – war torn Paris and Casablanca and that line of course “Here’s looking at you kid”. This movie helped me with some styling decisions for my photo shoot – vintage styling – with an Ashe twist of course!Femme Fatale1

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Kelsey Ashe

Where it all began PART 1. – From the VERY beginning!

31 Aug 2009

More so than any other question I receive from my customers is: How did this all begin?  How did you start your business? And what inspires you? Well all those questions have lots of different answers but I will try to outline it for you – right from the beginning! I grew up in a very beautiful part of Tasmania on a large property where we had every child’s dream surroundings…A river ran through the property, we had acres and acres of forest to roam in or ride our motorbikes, we had horses and goats and sheep and cats and dogs and wild animals which we tried to tame. My mother was very artistic and I remember her always creating something – she made humungous Macramé textile hangings which were truly amazing, hand made pottery, drawing, painting, all sorts of needlework and knitting and a general flair for creative interior design, gardening and cooking. Not to mention she also designed the very house we lived in – which at the time back in the 70’s would have been a very forward thinking design! Without a doubt it has been my mother’s flair with the domestic arts which have fed into my love of textiles, art and home design. My mum is still an artist and exhibits her paintings now regularly back in Tasmania where she still lives in her latest amazing designer home (which she designed herself!) Thanks Mum!

me & Mum

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Kelsey Ashe

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Getting Excited about my 1st😀 ever Solo Art Exhibition at the Historic Round House in @CityofFremantle November 15t…


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