Ashe Spring Sneak Peak

25 Aug 2011

Hot off the press! Photographed in the courtyard of the Moore & Moore Cafe in Fremantle, is a little spring number by Ashe. Featuring my new “Night Wisteria” print, the dress is a 100% silk wrap, which can be styled and worn in lots of different ways…See it on the catwalk this Perth Fashion Festival Season…More information coming soon!photo_1PFF

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Kelsey Ashe

Silk Dupion Wisteria Print by Ashe

29 Jul 2011

Silk Dupion is a wonderful textile. It has a distinctive texture and body to it that cannot be reproduced in a polyester fabric. This image shows a detail from a silver Kimono style draping and my Wisteria print.Silver_kimono (1)

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Kelsey Ashe

Behind the Scenes photoshoot…

18 Jul 2011

Here is a behind the scenes shot of the beautiful Angie, posing for some shots. I took the photos myself, so it was no means a professional Uni_Shootshoot! However!… the aim was to capture the print designs and the effect of draping cloth rather than using structured garments, and for that purpose it was a success. I will use the photos for both my Masters project, but also for entry into the Perth Fashion Festival event “Threads” which is coming up in September…

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Kelsey Ashe

SIlk Dupion Printed Ashe Dress

03 Jul 2011

What a wonderful place to be; my Masters degree is under my belt and the world is at my feet….What next? Some textile designing of course! This dress design shows of my Antipodean Orientalism print, I will post another image later to show the details of the print….Antipdress

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Kelsey Ashe

Draping Silk on the body

26 Jun 2011

I am drawn to the simplest of clothing shapes – scarves and sarrongs that can be draped and played with upon the body. Silk allows a freedom to drape without adding bulk and endless possibilities for layering colours. Here I have layered a beautiful Fuschia Silk Crepe de Chine with a linen Obe.Night_wisteria

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Kelsey Ashe

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Getting Excited about my 1st😀 ever Solo Art Exhibition at the Historic Round House in @CityofFremantle November 15t…


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