“Threads” Runway Event for Perth Fashion Festival

15 Sep 2011

Supported by the Department of Culture and the Arts and The City of Fremantle…You are invited to “Threads”…A Runway event for Perth Fashion Festival from the Fremantle Fashion Collective…
Ashe will be featured alongside Cocoon Textiles, Batchelor, Days of Yore, Love in Tokyo, Megan Salmon, Petals in Disarray, Pekho and Velvet Sushi… Saturday the 24th September at 2pm and again the following day, Sunday the 25th in the Fremantle Town Hall…Don’t Miss this free event!Threads_Perth_Fashion_Festival_Invite

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Kelsey Ashe

New styles for Ashe at Cocoon Textiles

17 Dec 2010

There is a new home for Ashe Fashion!  Since our lease expired – we are now selling at Cocoon Textiles…just a few doors away from the old Ashe storDSC_0111e.  New Ashe styles have arrived in store now at Cocoon  – 68 High Street Fremantle.




Superbly printed Maxi dresses, gorgeous Flamingo tie tops, new cute frocks made from stretch jersey to keep you active, stylish and comfortable over the summer months…

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Kelsey Ashe

Perth Fashion Festival ‘Atmosphere’ ON NOW

11 Sep 2010

What a great show – a really airy space with beautiful installations from Fremantle’s finest designers…Love in Tokyo, Megan Salmon, Leah Tarlo, Loop, Totomoto, Kartique, Cocoon, Batchelor, Chinky Wooster, She Seldom Blushes and Ashe of course!

The show is on all week and it’s free – so don’t miss out! Pictured here: Totomoto Candleabra, Megan Salmon, Love in Tokyo and Ashe installation…atmosphere_on_now

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Kelsey Ashe

The Gallery Runway Event – Congratulations Fremantle!

07 Sep 2009

Wow, what a buzz there was at this event! Despite the pouring rain on a Monday night, the event was packed to the rafters and the crowd seemed to be in such a good mood. Spontaneous outbursts of clapping and cheering and a general rumbling of good cheer were bouncing throughout the whole room. Gallery Runway presented the best of Fremantle Designers and without a doubt it was a more colourful and over-the-top event than others I have seen. My favourites were Cocoon Textiles, Velvet Sushi and of course Ashe. Morrison followed The Gallery Runway event but by that point I was backstage and missed it – apparently it was sleek, monotone and very well received so congratulations Fremantle!vs

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Kelsey Ashe

From Twitter

Getting Excited about my 1st😀 ever Solo Art Exhibition at the Historic Round House in @CityofFremantle November 15t…


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