Ashe X FFC Exhibition at the RoundHouse

09 Nov 2017

“Fremantle artist Ashe has created 10 exclusive works taking inspiration from past and present Fremantle Fashion Collective designers, Freo beauties and Freo Muses…. Each exquisite piece captures the spirit of Fremantle in Spring, with iconic Fremantle Buildings, blooming local and exotic flowers, insects and animals woven into a magical tapestry….” Isobel McCaulay Fremantle Fashion Collective Director

These limited edition hand embellished works will be available for purchase on Wednesday 15th November at The Round House, at Sunset, Fremantle.

All proceeds from the sale of the 1st edition of works will be donated to the Fremantle Fashion Collective to support future Fremantle Creatives.


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Kelsey Ashe

Working with Akira Isogawa

30 Sep 2015

In April of this year I went to Sydney to visit Akira Isogawa in his studio as part of a research trip for my PhD.  I showed him my work and I asked him if he would like me to design some prints for his collections which he agreed yes!  So now we are in the process of organising how it’s going to work and how we will go about the process…Very exciting!AkiraKels

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Kelsey Ashe

Akira Isogawa in the Studio

18 Apr 2015

I have adored the work of Akira Isogawa for many many years. Today I had the honour of interviewing him just days after his Sydney @mbfashionweek show with his amazing creations surrounding us.  WOW!!!11050124_480192572135962_8203747480360203822_n - Copy

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Kelsey Ashe

Perth Model Rosemary

19 Dec 2010

Perth Model Rosemary Smith(Viviens) has been making it into some great shoots lately – I’ve been seeing her pop up all over the place – this image is from the latest issue of Shop till You drop – I love the tropical setting and Rosemary looks as sultry and seductive as ever! Congratulations gorgeous girl…Roemary1

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Kelsey Ashe

Print in Fashion NOW – Abstract / Graphic

09 Mar 2010

Eley Kishimoto is possibly my favourite of the abstract textile designers. Even better – they have an international fashion label to show it off! The label uses a lot of all-over pattern – head to toe – and they are certainly not afraid of colour or crazed abstraction. Abstract and graphic prints are sometimes a bit harder on the eye – especially with the latest craze of kaleidoscopic prints and oversized geometric shapes…Not for the faint hearted – but its still a valid trend right now!Eley

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Kelsey Ashe

Print in Fashion NOW

05 Mar 2010

print now
I’m so pleased to see that print continues to be a strong force in contemporary fashion trends….and most forecasters say it is here to stay for a while yet! With new technology driving designers to even more magnificent heights of design and with retro style designs consistently rotating back into fashion – the scope for interpretations of textile design do not seem spent. Big themes for print in fashion right now are Abstract/graphic, folkloric/fantasy, vintage/retro and of course the perennial influence of Nature…

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Kelsey Ashe

Vivienne Westwood

14 Jan 2010

Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with Hand printed Wall paper company Cole & Son to release her own style of wallpaper. Cole & Son have been around since 1875 hand printing wallpaper in the UK, and teaming up with this Style iconoclast is sure to give them some newfound clout! I LOVE this campaign image…vivienne

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Kelsey Ashe

From Twitter

Getting Excited about my 1st😀 ever Solo Art Exhibition at the Historic Round House in @CityofFremantle November 15t…


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