Amazing April Ashe moment No.3 – Printing with the Spirit of Florence Broadhurst

01 May 2015

Amazing April Ashe moment No.3
Being given the opportunity to print the original Florence Broadhurst silk screen of “Japanese Floral” and taking home the print! Thank you so much Signature Prints! New Family Heirloom!11070664_485809934907559_776156316808552282_n - Copy

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Kelsey Ashe

Original Florence Broadhurst Albums

17 Apr 2015

This is why I’m in Sydney! This is it! To see the original Florence Broadhurst wallpapers, including some of the rare or unreleased designs. There are still nearly 500 unreleased designs which is almost incomprehensible. The range and beauty of them is staggering. And very much in safe hands with David and Helen Lennie of Signature Prints. Carefully archiving, nurturing and protecting this collection and maintaining its excellence.11159963_479504788871407_7633973548952673730_n

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Kelsey Ashe

Florence Broadhurst Original Silk Screens in action!

16 Apr 2015

Here I am printing a piece of “Japanese Floral” from the original silk screen of Florence Broadhurst from the 70s. Because of my love and research for the work of Florence, custodians @signatureprints, David and Helen Lennie allowed me to print and take home this precious piece of Australian design history. Normally only new screens are used to preserve the older archive, so I’m feeling very very lucky right now! In fact when I asked David if he usually allowed people to print from the original screens he said “No, never.  Not ever”.  I think Florence must have been there in spirit today urging him on to share this with me!11149569_479501938871692_2481565574181468551_n - Copy

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Kelsey Ashe

Florence Broadhurst’s personal papers

16 Apr 2015

I’m in Sydney at the State Library of NewSouthWales. Today I finally got to go through the personal papers archive of Australian Designer Florence Broadhurst My spine was tingling as I read her old diaries and notebooks from the 1920s through to the 70s. Due to copyright I can’t show any photos of those, but there were boxes and boxes bulging with news clippings that I can publish here….Loving Life!11136617_479499118871974_8641665567295953617_n

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Kelsey Ashe

Researching Textiles

16 Jul 2012

Hi Everyone, I’ve been busy getting my PhD underway and I am absolutely loving it. I feel so privileged to be in a position where I can research, write and create designs about my favourite area of interest. I’m looking at how a traditional Japanese aesthetic has influenced contemporary Australian printed textile design. This means I get to research and draw inspiration from designers such as Bruce Goold (Mambo), Florence Broadhurst, Akira Isogawa and painter Margaret Preston. I will blog more later….mag_Girl

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Kelsey Ashe

Print in Fashion NOW

05 Mar 2010

print now
I’m so pleased to see that print continues to be a strong force in contemporary fashion trends….and most forecasters say it is here to stay for a while yet! With new technology driving designers to even more magnificent heights of design and with retro style designs consistently rotating back into fashion – the scope for interpretations of textile design do not seem spent. Big themes for print in fashion right now are Abstract/graphic, folkloric/fantasy, vintage/retro and of course the perennial influence of Nature…

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Kelsey Ashe

Florence Broadhurst Design

03 Feb 2010

Ahhh Florence – a woman after my own heart…This is one of Florence’s more well known wall paper designs “Japanese Floral”. Of course these days you will see Florence’s designs covering everything from T-shirts to bags to dresses and everything else in between. Florence Broadhurst died in 1977 (same year I was born – possibly I’m her re-incarnation..) and now her designs are sold through Signature Prints in Sydney. To see more – go to their website


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Kelsey Ashe

Florence Broadhurst (1899-1977) Australian

05 Oct 2009

Florence Broadhurst – almost a household name today; she was and still is an absolute doyenne of print design in Australia. I first discovered Florence while studying at Art School and by then my design was already moving into a graphic area so I immediately levitated towards her. An absolute self made business woman and artist, she was in her prime during the 1960’s and 70’s at the helm of her wall paper factory Florence Broadhurst Hand-Printed Wall Papers. Over 530 of her designs exist and many are still in use today – having been revived by Signature Prints in Sydney. Florence’s prints have been used by fashion designers Akira Isagowa & Karen Walker and appear consistently in current design magazines. Her extra-ordinary life has inspired me many times and I often pull out her biography when I need a jolt of design stimulus or bravado to face the world – she was a completely undaunted, focused and brave individual. The fact that she was murdered and till this day it’s a mystery as to why and who committed the crime; just adds to the story…
She was murdered just a couple of months from when I was born, so it’s not hard to make the assumption that I have been influenced by Florence Broadhurst – I might just be her re-incarnation! (just kidding….!)Flo

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Kelsey Ashe

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Getting Excited about my 1st😀 ever Solo Art Exhibition at the Historic Round House in @CityofFremantle November 15t…


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