Warwick Fabrics “Burlesque” range

17 Oct 2009

As a lover of textiles, I’m always looking at other new ranges and particularly interior fabrics lately have really caught my eye. The new Warwick range “Burlesque” resonates so well with my head space at the moment. Reflective surfaces, vintage curves, baroque style print design…black and white. Don’t you just love it! Very inspirational…I’m off to do some drawing….warwick

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Kelsey Ashe

French Detailing

15 Sep 2009

Everyone knows the French create fashion, Art and theatre of the grandest scale. The elaborate detailing of French Couture is so delicious; especially throughout its historical periods such as the baroque movement which flourished in the 17th Century. Of course we cannot imagine dressing like that today – it’s just not practical I’m afraid! But I certainly took a few clues from that era for this seasons Ashe range. Ruffled necklines, sculptural bustles, pleats and plunging necklines were all on my agenda!french

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Kelsey Ashe

Marie Antoinette

10 Sep 2009

This seasons range was like most of my ranges – developed over a period of months and drawing on all kinds of media for inspiration. Sometimes the print design comes first, other times the garment design comes first. My well used visual diary usually gives me the clues I need to make a start – as I collect everything in here!  Photos, scribbles, drawings, ideas and clippings. I was strongly drawn to Baroque style design and a vintage theme for garment design. I re-watched Marie Antoinette directed by Sofia Coppola and LOVED IT so much I went on a mad journey reading everything I could about her and the Baroque period. The set Design is actually in Versailles where Marie spent her languorous life after marrying Louis XVI in 1770. m2

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Kelsey Ashe

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