On the Surface Textiles Exhibition…aftermath…

04 Oct 2013

Wow, our On the Surface Exhibition and Ashe on-line store Event has come and gone…it was wonderful. Such a great response from everyone, and working in the Moores Building is really enjoyable…those beautiful crumbling walls, cafe attached, live music on a wednesday morning! Sheree took this picture of me sitting in front of my Wall Paper scrolls…I’m 34 weeks pregnant…Ahhhhhh!photo 2 (7)

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Kelsey Ashe

Japanese Traditional Motifs

06 Feb 2010

Exquisite, precise, clever, colourful, asymmetrical and delightful – the traditional patterns of Japanese Art. In over two thousand years of history the cherry blossom motif has stretched over every medium in Japanese Art – from ceramics, painting, textiles, lacquer ware, metal work and personal ornaments. The Cherry Blossom has a special significance in Japanese culture and aesthetics as a symbol of sakura– living in harmony with nature.Jap art


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Kelsey Ashe

Brunschwig & Fils

07 Oct 2009

Pictured here is a collage of quilt fabrics made in France by Brunschwig & Fils. Many of the designs are developed from traditional hand-stencilled, hand-painted Indian textiles from the 18th century. These antique designs never seem to lose their potency – the crisp colours and ornate beauty are still valid today; they bring a warmth and richness to any interior.  I am always looking to collect textiles such as this…but usually end up with more books full of pictures!  But thats ok….I like having a house overflowing with books too…Until next time… textiles

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Kelsey Ashe

Where it all began PART 6. – Working Girl

06 Sep 2009

In 2002 my partner in fashion/textiles label MAKE Cara decided to go travelling so we said our farewells by both heading to Tahiti together! We had worked really hard and Tahiti was a place to unravel after the end of a long phase of tumultuous life changing events. (The idea of a tropical paradise has featured in much of my art work over the years and I love the low brow tiki art movement which has re-surfaced over the last few years.) Back in Fremantle Empire Rose asked me to go work for them which was perfect timing. I spent almost two years working closely with Director/Designer Kath Mudie to develop textiles, choose fabrics, design styles for their diffusion line Ava & Scarlett, print T-shirts for Erman, choose buttons -oooh what fun! During this period I also did some free-lance work including developing textiles for Wheels & Dollbaby and I also created a textile design which was snatched up by Morrison. I had been throwing ideas around about starting a new label and my middle name – ASHE – seemed to be the most fitting choice for the label name. Empire Rose generously stocked my first range and my first season took off without much effort – I had secured five local boutiques to sell my product. It wasn’t long before I was working for myself full-time. I spent all day in my studio – drawing, printing, cutting, playing and generally being lost in Ashe land – my baby was born!

This is an early Ashe range picture from my “Babylon” Winter range 2005 – featuring gorgeous model Shireen Jones and shot by Leah Willie.early ashe

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Kelsey Ashe

Where it all began PART 2. – Study & Travel

01 Sep 2009

Deciding what to study meandered all over the place for me – as it does with most young people deciding what to do with their lives…I have always been fascinated with antiquity and ancient history – so I thought I wanted to be an archaeologist or a historian/librarian while I was in high school and worked in the local florist for pocket money. I was great at Art but I took that as a hobby for the time and settled on hospitality as a direction. I moved to New Zealand to live with my father when I was 15 and worked as a receptionist in a five star hotel, among many other jobs. After four years of travelling, working and experiencing the ups and downs of life I decided to go back to college and study art. I knew I loved history, design, colour theory and myth. After all that time trying different things the ultimate yearning was my passion – what had been a hobby was now to become my career and boy oh boy was I excited when it all dawned on me – of course! An artist – what else could I possibly be? It was a great moment – I rang mum to tell her I was finally coming home and that I was going to go to Art School!
I spent two years at Hellyer College in Tasmania studying Graphic Design, Photography and Painting then enrolled into Deakin University in Melbourne – ahhhh such fond memories…..

Here is an early Lino-cut of mine – I was about 16 when I created this “sunburst over ocean” image.linocut1

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Kelsey Ashe

Where it all began PART 1. – From the VERY beginning!

31 Aug 2009

More so than any other question I receive from my customers is: How did this all begin?  How did you start your business? And what inspires you? Well all those questions have lots of different answers but I will try to outline it for you – right from the beginning! I grew up in a very beautiful part of Tasmania on a large property where we had every child’s dream surroundings…A river ran through the property, we had acres and acres of forest to roam in or ride our motorbikes, we had horses and goats and sheep and cats and dogs and wild animals which we tried to tame. My mother was very artistic and I remember her always creating something – she made humungous Macramé textile hangings which were truly amazing, hand made pottery, drawing, painting, all sorts of needlework and knitting and a general flair for creative interior design, gardening and cooking. Not to mention she also designed the very house we lived in – which at the time back in the 70’s would have been a very forward thinking design! Without a doubt it has been my mother’s flair with the domestic arts which have fed into my love of textiles, art and home design. My mum is still an artist and exhibits her paintings now regularly back in Tasmania where she still lives in her latest amazing designer home (which she designed herself!) Thanks Mum!

me & Mum

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Kelsey Ashe

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Getting Excited about my 1st😀 ever Solo Art Exhibition at the Historic Round House in @CityofFremantle November 15t…


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